My Role
As the main designer, I worked on the interface, making sure that we will be able to capture every information required by the Finance team to minimise their process.
The Project
BitPesa Finance is an accounting solution we created in order to automate the process of the Finance team. This project was first outsourced and the team working on this project already had wireframes and UX documentation I needed to start.
I worked on this project along side the Registration project as this one was also planned for earlier release. Even though there is already existing design, there were a lot of missing points required by the Finance team, especially those 
The Problem
The Finance team calculates everything manually using Excel sheets and it's a tedious and slow process, leading to delays of reports. So, the Finance requested a product that will automate everything for them.
Since this is an internal project, most communication and planning happened with the Finance Team. We started with the Discovery phase where we talked with the Finance Manager's about the hardships they face in accounting. Once we have gathered enough data, we started analysing what they need and how we will come up with a product that will answer their need.
Afterwards, we went ahead to sketch wireframes while reviewing them with the Finance team at the same time. Once the desired features are decided, we came up with prototypes for MVP. Prototypes were finished but the project was pushed to work on BFX instead.
Here are some screens of the prototype.

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