I worked this small project with the Business Team to help BitPesa represent in a UN Conference. I designed a brochure and an app prototype to present in the conference.
App Prototype
With the initial features list given by the UN, we started to sketch ideas on pen and paper, until we are finally satisfied by what we have. 
I designed the prototype in Sketch, making sure everything aligns with the target market - women in Africa. And because we're presenting it, we need to have a live prototype that the delegates can try on their mobile phones. 
My first option was InVision but scratched it out after trying the prototype myself. So, to give the delegates a better experience, I went to look for a better platform and I found Marvel.
Although I wasn't in the conference in New York physically, I received feedback by my colleague that the delegates liked the prototype, but a chance for this app to go live is yet unsure. 
This was a short but rushed project, nevertheless I enjoyed working on this and the feedback I received was very satisfying.
As of April 2018, this concept reached the final rounds of the bidding process. 
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